This Pop-Up Sloth Hook Might Be The Best Invention Of 2020

A man designed a sloth wall hook where you can hang your keys or purse and it is both hilarious and beautiful.

Bryce Bell recently designed a pop-up monkey hook so that when you place something on the handle (which was a monkey tail), a monkey face pops up from the top.

But when someone asked him to make a pop-up sloth hook, Bell had to modify the plans because “sloths don’t pop”.

He wrote: “This is a remix of my pop-up monkey hook and AwesomeA’s sloth bust. However, because sloth’s aren’t known for their ‘popping’ I’ve also added a bit to allow the the sloth to ease up and down. I’ve also swapped out the tail for a leg because the stubby tail of a sloth wouldn’t make a very good hook.”

The good news is you can build this yourself with a 3D printer!

Bell posted the instructions and files online for anyone to download for free.

He included a demo and instructional video, too.